Traditional playground surfaces such as wood chips or sand have 2 similar problems that put these products at a huge disadvantage to rubber surfacing. First, these types of safety surfaces can never remain consistently level, potentially creating dangerous trip hazards. Secondly, using mulch or sand also requires regular replenishing leading to long-term financial burdens. That’s not to mention the mess that can be created from rain or snow. Poured in place PlayBound™surfacing is permeable to water and provides a smooth, trip-free surface allowing for possible play time even during rainy weather! It is also a perfect solution for playgrounds that need to accommodate those with special needs.

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Meak implements a complex and thorough safety check process utilizing a state-of-the-art , IPEMA Certified computing testing device to ensure that all PlayBound™poured-in-place installations meet current ASTM standards.    Our playground surfaces meet 4’ to 12’ critical fall heights per ASTM F-1292-04, the industry’s standard test to evaluate a surfacing system’s ability to absorb shock.

Our industry-leading percentage of PlayBound™ material in the top surface significantly increases the playground surface’s expected life. Competitors use 10-40% less material in their top surfaces. More material in the top surface layer means superior tensile strength (side-to-side pulling) and superior taber abrasion (top down wear).

Data shows that our poured-in-place PlayBound™ surfacing is the absolute safest playground surface on the market.  This system performs so well we offer a 7 year warranty. We call it Super-7. Our aliphatic system is so durable and problem-free we extended its warranty to 10 years! We call it Extreme-10. The 2-layer system is mixed and poured on site. It’s easily customized to meet the safety, design and aesthetic requirements of any playground.

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