Because we select the best material components available, are part of the manufacturing process of superior products and ensure outstanding installation quality, we can provide the industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranties on our surfacing systems.


Throughout the industry, the urethane binder that encapsulates the granules is produced in two forms: aromatic (our Super-7 system) and aliphatic (our Extreme-10 system).  Extreme-10 (using aliphatic urethane) comes with added cost, but added benefits, too.   Upgraded ingredients in the formulation lead to superior performance throughout the system’s life.   It is not required to use aliphatic binder (except for water play areas, pool surrounds and other similar applications), but from an aesthetic standpoint particularly advisable to consider its use with colors such as blue, teal, purple, pearl, eggshell and grays because aromatic binder “yellows” slightly upon exposure to ultraviolet rays.  Most of this thin layer of urethane wears off with foot traffic and weathering typically within two to six months.   Extreme-10 takes your surface design to the next level:


  •    Greater resistance to wear and tear from foot traffic and the elements

  •    Outstanding tensile strength

  •    “Clear as water” appearance makes the surface vibrant and the rubber true to color


Extreme-10 system (using aliphatic urethane) comes with a 10-year warranty.  Super-7 system (using aromatic urethane) comes with a 7-year warranty.  Uses for water play areas, pool surrounds and other similar applications come with a 2-year warranty.   Contact your Meak Regional Manager to discuss what system works best for your application.

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